Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blog, rise from your grave.

Social media makes me antisocial.

Let's see: We've got Facebook, where you get to call coworkers, distant relations, and people you're stalking 'friends'. Then you've got Twitter, which is optimized for tracking the mood swings of b-list celebrities and seeing what parts of London are burning at the moment. Tumblr is like being hosed down with sparkling unicorn poo.

Hello blaaaawwgosphere, I missed you. Sorry to have bored or otherwise disappointed the five or six very nice people who have clickified on some piece of Berners-Lee magic or another and come here. AS YOUR REWARD: Here's something large and rusty, along with a promise to update more often- regularly even.


6q said...

very good dessign of a soviet giant selfpropeled gun.

aneamo [Vulne Pro] said...

Hey there Mike, damn cool design as always. I dropped a follow on this blog, some time back, but had wondered if you still posted here.

I hear ya on social media, it is what it is but it seems you have to engage the muck online if you plan to take a more indy approach to distributing your work (which we are).

Good to know you're posting here again, we have our Vulne Pro blogger haunt going as well so feel free to drop by.


Mike Majestic <<*>> Hard Boiled Nouveau Animation Design

Joel said...

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